Tower Garden Week 5


We have finally had some really great growing weather at the end of May with a few days in the 90’s. We’ve enjoyed several salads and sautéed mixed greens. One of the pictures in the gallery shows the recent pickings as we prepared a salad.

The Tower Garden is really very simple and extremely low maintenance. I have a traditional garden as well (which I’ll post some pictures soon) that requires much more work and if you don’t do the work, the weeds and bugs will overtake it. Lettuce in my raised beds has been ravaged by slugs and other bugs. So far I have had very little problems with bugs in the Tower Garden.

Another advantage over a traditional earth based garden is that the vegetables are so much cleaner. There is very little washing and prep that is required.

If you enjoy gardening and growing, the Tower Garden is one way to enjoy it more and produce better crops with less maintenance.

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