Spring Queen


During the Spring cleanup at the end of March there was no sign of the Queen. 3 weeks later she has been very busy. I checked on my bees today and pulling out the second frame, there she was. She’s looking as strong as ever and has many brood in various stages with some just waiting to be hatched.

I’m a little worried seeing a Queen cell, so not sure what they are thinking. I’ll do a little research to see what I need to do. More to come.

Spring Cleaning

SpringCleanFly1The bees made it through the tough Winter. Seems like the cold was never going to snap. Today was Spring cleaning and time to shake and awake the girls. There were so many dead bees at the bottom of the hive. Once I cleaned out the hive, brushed off the frames and rearranged the supers, it seems like they came alive and said thank you. Immediately they were busy and started bringing in pollen from somewhere.









Bees Under Snow


Shoveled a path to the bees to see if I could hear any sign of life. With the cold and all this snow, I’m just not sure they are going to make it through the Winter. I left them with plenty of their honey, so I’m hopeful.

The Package Arrives

IMG_1329My package arrived and I prepared the bees for their new home.







Spring Training

DSC_1120 I just completed a 3 week beginners course in beekeeping at the Ridgefield Discovery Center. It was great to have a refresher since it’s been about 30 years or so since I’ve worked with bees. I’m excited to get my bees and get started.

Nancy gave me a hive starter kit last year, May 2011, for my birthday, but I set it up too late in the season to get my bees. I’m ready now and can’t wait to get started.

Katie did a great job painting artwork on my hive.