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The Best Advice I Have to Give

Here’s the best advice I have to give, my top ten list. If you can take away most, or even a little, it will help to give you an advantage in what life has to offer.

  1. Do what you love, find your passion!
  2. Formal education gets you a job, self education gets you rich.
  3. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.
    • Read (or listen) daily – The book that turned my life around was “The Happiness Advantage.”
    • Attend workshops, seminars and classes regularly.
    • Try, test, explore new things.
    • Don’t be afraid to FAIL. It’s how you learn.
    • NEVER stop learning.
  4. Find someone who inspires you, a mentor, learn from them. My favorite mentor is Jim Rohn.
  5. Don’t spend major time on minor things.
  6. What you don’t know will hurt you.
  7. Economics is MAJOR – it’s not what you earn, but what you do with what you earn!
    • Poor people spend their money and invest what’s left.
    • Rich people invest their money and spend what’s left.
    • Profits are better than wages.
    • NEVER spend more than 70% of what you bring home. Invest, save and give away the other 30%.
  8. Everyday jot down 3 things you are thankful for.
  9. Keep a journal, record what’s important and meaningful to you. Don’t rely on your memory.
  10. Be social, have many friends.
    • Your inner circle is most important (family and close friends).
    • Meet lots of people – helping you get the most life has to offer, is who you know!
A note about work: There are 3 types of work. If you find your calling, you will be blessed.
A. Job = Chore – Work because you have to. Paycheck is Reward.
B. Career = Work to advance and succeed.
C. Calling = View work as an end in itself. Work is fulfilling. Has meaning and purpose. Finds work rewarding.

Much of this is derived from my mentor, Jim Rohn. For that, I am extremely thankful. My only regret is not finding out about Jim earlier and being able to see him in person. However, many days he’s with me in my mobile learning center (my car) as I work on following my top ten.

Tower Garden Week 3


Here are pictures of my Tower Garden after the 3rd week. It was rainy, but you can see that it’s really taking off now. I also added 2 gallons of water with Tower Tonic to the tank on Saturday, the 18th.

Around the Garden


The Irises are blooming and much more is coming out. The trees finally have leaves and just when things start looking warmer we get hit with a frost warning tonight, May 13th. I covered my Tower Garden and the tender plants. I’m anxious this year and I hope it’s not going to be at the loss of some plants.

Tower Garden Week 2


Here are some photos of my Tower Garden. This is the second full week since planting the tower.

Garden Update – More to Plant

StonePlanters1My stone planters now contain beets and broccoli along with the peas. Emily brought me some lettuce type plant that for the life of me I can’t recall what they’re called. It primarily grows in Europe and is great in salads. That’s growing in the same planter. I also got the peas strung up and they are starting to climb.

In the other planter I have more broccoli, chives and just started planting some lettuce. The Kale that Emily planted last year is still growing after I transplanted them. I pinch off the tops to see if they will produce anything much this Spring.


After loosing the first round of cucumbers because I put them in the ground too soon and then had a frost, the ones I kept inside are ready to be planted now. I also have summer squash that is ready to go in. I think it might still be too early, but we’ll see. After getting these planted today, it’s time to start more seeds.

I have a few herbs in the pot, cilantro, dill and chives. They are starting to come along nicely. Not many of the strawberry plants made it through the winter, but the ones that did seem full of flowers.The irises are getting ready to bloom too.

Tower Garden – Week 1

TowerGardenWeek109Weather is finally warming up here in the northeast. Long sunny days is really helping the garden grow. Here are some pictures my Tower Garden after the first week with the plants in the Tower.

We really needs some rain and watering is becoming a daily chore. The nice with the Tower Garden is that I can set it and forget it. You still need to check to make sure things are running OK and nothing is going on unexpected. For some reason one of my plant pods on the top row was dry and the lettuce was almost dead. Seems as though a maple flower part clogged one of the holes in the shower section. This section is also where the steel support rod is located which is already taking up one of the holes. With 2 clogged, it was enough to dry out the one plant. After clearing out the clog and soaking the lettuce pod, it’s doing fine and staying moist.

You can compare the difference between when I first setup the Tower and week one. It should be more noticeable next week. I think all the plants are ready to take off now that we have nice weather.